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Press Release: Gabby, Angel of God

NEW YORK -- As unpleasant and painful as it may be, loss is a major part of any individual’s life. Regardless of age, race, creed, and other such factors, each and every single person on Earth experiences the loss of a dear one during his or her lifetime. However, learning to move on and to enjoy life is an inner journey which unfolds naturally if one allows time to do its job.

In his book, “Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger,” Greg Sandora offers an alternative to suffering in isolation: an angel interferes. This supernatural romance novel tells the story of Bo, a young man who after losing his wife is left alone with two children to raise, confused, and grieving. Gabby is an angel whom Bo meets by chance. She tries to help him identify his feelings and then to put order in his thoughts, but their journey becomes a thrilling adventure in which they are confronted with various evils.

“Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger” skillfully combines together several genres, creating an original worth-reading book. The novel focuses on themes such as friendship, loss, love, faith, charity, and hope, and aims at sending a moral message to all of its readers. For a review of “Gabby, Angel of God,” please visit the following link:


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