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Topics concerning Gabby, Angel of God and the Jack Canon Presidential Thriller Series

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"Bud, we've got tons of backing, I understand the GOP, but do you really think it's necessary to get involved funding the Tea Party?" 
"I think so, Jack, the electorate is fickle. The sooner we find two or three guys to build up the better. The GOP will never realize we're doing it if we start now. A few choice assignments, some feigned interest from our friends, a little money, and voila! Before you know it, we'll have a couple of egomaniacs ready to run." 
"But what if your plan backfires and you create a monster, someone we can't beat?" 
"That's the beauty of this; we get to choose the guys! All with a fatal flaw, one we can expose after the nomination. Never forget the fear in politics, Jack. Wait until a week or so before the election, create a little doubt, and sail into a second term." 
"Bud, do you think you can find a couple of guys in the GOP with a flaw significant enough to bring them down, who would still be willing to run?" Bud reached for his cell phone, held it out far enough to see it, squinting without his cheaters, and tapped a few keys. Chuckling, "In this town, with all the fucking egos? We'll have to sift through the worst of the bunch to find one who could actually make it to the nomination! Otherwise, they're of no use to us. You've got to be kidding, right?" 
"Okay, put together some names, but hold off on taking any action, at least until we get a chance to talk some more. And, Bud?" 
"Don't mention this to anyone. If we go through with this, no one could ever know." 
"Sure, if it's what you want. But, trust me on this, if it's a squeaker, you're going to want this weapon in your pocket." 
"I suppose you're right. It's crucial we have two terms to get everything done." 
"I'm telling you to stack the deck in our favor. The sooner we get started the better, and another thing. I want to continue our conversation about promoting the Tea Party. I'm telling you… it'll fragment the GOP and put the Republicans perennially, three points behind. We can test the theory in the midterms. " 
Bud started with his Tea Party idea the day after the election. He realized the Tea Party was cancer that could, if promoted, eat the Republican Party from within. He was sure the GOP couldn’t control the radical ultra-conservatism. Eating at the fringe, it would spell disaster for them. A gift dropped in our lap should be exploited, he said. Bud was sure it would be the Republican's undoing. Like a mad political genius, he was looking to promote their cause. He wanted to test his theory with the midterms, not wanting to risk the Presidency. He reasoned two years out, a lifetime in Washington Politics, he'd be able to make adjustments. 
Daphne popped into the room carrying one of Bud's nine-ounce monogrammed tumblers, half-filled with crushed ice. 
"You rang, Sire?" She said, referring to Bud's text. Making her way to him, she first placed a coaster, then a can of Coke on the mahogany side table. 
"Daphne, how many does that make today?" I asked. 
"This is his third," she smirked, turning in my direction so Bud couldn't see her face. He quickly shifted his weight so as not to miss a second of her. Daphne walked around the desk and leaned over next to me. Whispering, grazing her sultry trademark pink gloss lips to my ear, "Would you like anything?"