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Greg Sandora, Author

Topics concerning Gabby, Angel of God and the Jack Canon Presidential Thriller Series

The Have's vs. The Have Nots

Barely 16 years into the 21st Century and the United States has spent 4 trillion on war. Still, the Middle East is a monumental disaster. Meanwhile, a billion people struggle for fresh water and half the planet lives on $2 dollars a day. Worldwide, 100 million children will never attend school. 46 million Americans are food challenged. 95 million are unemployed. Our jobs have left as the ruling class and those who seek power in Washington pile on failure after failure.
What if we had spent 1/10th on education, food, and children? Our National Treasure employed on building rather than destruction. Impossible? Our inner cities are crumbling. Baltimore, Chicago, East LA, countless urban places are not safe. Roads, bridges, infrastructure. Unhealthy water in Michigan while the wealthy enjoy the protection of favorable geography and the police.
Drugs, Crime, Disease - Poverty amplifies all of these. 20 people control more wealth than the poorest 150 million Americans. Refugee children are made to work in sweatshops. What will the next 16 years bring us? We had so much hope for the 21st Century. Offer a child in poorest India, China, or Latin America the chance to attend school and you'll get happy smiles. What if they were your children or grandchildren? Written as fiction, exploring real issues. Provocative-Intense. Check out ALL IN.