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Greg Sandora, Author

Topics concerning Gabby, Angel of God and the Jack Canon Presidential Thriller Series

5.0 out of 5 stars "This is one Amazing Story"

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is one Amazing Story,  


Eddie Garcia

"...very intense. Early in the Book I knew I had to put my seat belt on, I was sure this was going to be one hell of a ride, and boy it was. One thing I especially appreciated in this author's Book is just how he was able to bring the story across with so many twists and turns that all came together masterfully. I'm glad I purchased the hard copy, anything else could not have handled the grip I had on the book as the plot thickened. Political thrillers have always interested me, unfortunately most of the one's I have read were big let downs or just mediocre. I also can appreciate the sense of reality in Jack Canon, He's absolutely a character I feel I can relate to in so many ways, His moral's and positive traits, the things he believed in like the redistribution of wealth being hoarded by the few. I'm sure others who have read this book felt the same unless you are the Koch Brothers or somebody like them.
Long story short, Best book I have read so far this year, I remember one of the reviews I read before getting this book for my self and just how true a comment was in that review. I actually remembered this comment as I was nearing the end of the book it was..

(Finishing the book, your heart aches because you know Jack Canon isn't real--he's an ideal, made magically alive by the sheer talent of Greg Sandora.)

As I a read into this book and got further and further in to it I found my self really rooting for Jack and hopeful that he would succeed in his mission, then I had to remember he was just a made up character. That's when that review I read previous to getting the book hit me and how tru it was. However like that review also said..

(But that doesn't mean we cannot aspire.)

Cudo's to the Author, and thanks for the great book. I will surely be putting this one in my book case to revisit one day."