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Greg Sandora, Author

Topics concerning Gabby, Angel of God and the Jack Canon Presidential Thriller Series
“Gabby, I’m imagining the most peaceful place. A crystal blue waterfall, splashing over colorful granite boulders stacked up and framed by evergreens on either side. A picturesque footbridge spans the falls. Behind there’s a meadow of green leaves and blue flowers bordered by stately pines. Even further off in the distance a majestic mountain range rises to four snow-capped peaks. Purple paints wash the wind behind as far off as the eye can see. The finest masterpiece created by God himself. It’s funny, something I’ve never seen before, dots of light sparkling, nearly invisible, against the bluest sky.”
Gabby smiled. “I’ve know the place, Bo, it’s the first level of heaven. Those dots are faraway angels.”
“Are you two ready to order? Nice outfit by the way, you’ll have to tell me where you got it.” The waitress asked as she chewed on her gum. 
Her nametag indicated that she was “Candy.” She looked about twenty-five or so. I was picking up that she was a single mom working the night shift. Denny’s was busy. The bar hounds and hags were shuffling in for their late night snack. After the clubs close the kids either go home to bed or out for a bite. It was two o’clock in the morning but being out with my beautiful angel made the night feel young for me.   
“My boyfriend picked it out,” Gabby answered her looking right at her smiling. 
Candy looked back, chewing on her gum; she turned her face to me, “Good taste!” 
Gabby had been in the little black peel on for hours, but the dress and heels combo looked amazingly fresh, as though she’d just put it on. 
“Thanks,” I said, looking up at her catching the sparkle in her eye. Candy had a pretty face and long blonde hair pinned up with a scrunchy. If I wasn’t with Gabby I’d have followed her movements. 
“Can you bring us some water, Candy?” Gabby asked, “We’ll look over the menus and be ready to order when you get back.”
“Okay, sounds good, be right back.” She said, trotting off, then turning back, “Oh, I forgot, would you like lemon in your water?”
“Please,” Gabby answered.
 “Bo, the connections that souls make on earth are explored in depth in heaven. It’s really quite wonderful, you’ll see. Imagine a brief encounter here becoming an experience that lasts forever in paradise.”
“I don’t think I understand. Aren’t I going to be with you and Sally?” I quizzed.
“Love all you can, as much as possible here on earth, Bo, and you’ll see it multiplied tenfold in heaven.”