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***Cianna #NerdGirlSunshine’s Review***Jack Canon's Women of the House

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Women of the House doesn’t disappoint, much like, Jack Canon’s America Destiny, this book has the same sharp instinct, driving action, and political commentary. Jack Canon is set to be the next president; the drama doesn’t end there. It’s very interesting to see how the author weaves this tale. He pulls us in, and really takes us for a ride with this political thriller. You are warned, this book doesn’t slow down. There’s always a lot going on, and for active readers, it’s not an issue, but be warned if you don’t like constant high level pacing. I thought it helped keep my interest, it made the book fly by a lot quicker. There’s definitely an opinion to this book, but in a good way, the author shows us all the struggles that the president deals with, and what it causes him to do. Jack Canon became president with his firm ideals, and his American spirit, but will it stay strong in the face of all these other factors, people, and pressures? On top of the political thriller, you get Jack dealing with women, hence the title. He has his wife who he loves, but also his best friend and secretary, who is in love with him, and a few other beautiful women as well. Is this book realistic? Not completely, there are plot points that don’t feel as realistic as others, but overall, it’s a fiction, and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Did I enjoy this novel? Yes, I thought it was interesting, and a nice follow up to the first book. I’m not huge into political thrillers, but Greg’s story was written well, a little heavily detailed, but otherwise, very fun read.